Fan Hub & NFT Marketplace
for Content Creators!

A DeFi Platform, allowing content creators to build and run their own Fan Hub while securely earning for their content.
HornHub platform

Why Choose Us?

HornHub is a revolutionary new content creation platform powered by blockchain technology. Our dynamic system allows content creators to build and autonomously run their own Fan Hubs, while securely earning for their content. Not only does HornHub allow the talent to directly connect with fans, but they can also easily mint their content into engaging NFT with the simple click of a button. They can then sell straight on HornHub's custom built NFT marketplace and earn royalties for life!
Hornhub will have a relaxed, social media vibe, featuring a friendly interface that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. The platform provides the opportunity for anyone to create and run their own Fan Hub, or instead follow their favourite content creators, artists and actors! The upcoming NFT marketplace will not only allow users to purchase and sell state-of-the-art, limited-edition content from our Talents but will also allow them to resell their own non-fungible tokens.
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Hornhub’s token will be the exclusive form of currency utilized to interact with the platform. Trading NFTs under Hornhub guarantees authenticity and ownership of assets.
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How to Buy HHUB Token?

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Transfer BNB

Transfer your BNB via BEP20 (BSC) to your SmartChain address on your Trust Wallet.

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Connect Wallet

Open PancakeSwap on your mobile browser, tap on ‘Connect Wallet’, then tap on ‘Wallet Connect’ and choose ‘Trust Wallet’ from the menu. Launch Trust Wallet by tapping ‘Open’, tap ‘Connect’ and return to your browser.

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Swap & Enjoy

Paste HHUB’s contract address, swap your BNB and enjoy your frictionless rewards!


Total Supply: 10 Billion

12% tax / transaction

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3% of every transaction is burned
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3% of every transaction is redistributed amongst the holders
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1% of every transaction is stored for a charity donation
5% of every transaction is stored for marketing & buybacks

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2021 HornHub Roadmap

What's coming up


  • Planning, brainstorming & HHUB debut
  • Design brand, setup social media channels & assets
  • Design & release the landing page
  • Platform design development debut
  • Open TG chat

October - November

  • HHUB Token Launch
  • Audit #1: Contract Audit
  • Release WhitePapers
  • Apply for listing (Coingecko & CMC)
  • Introduce HHUB merch
  • Platform design & development continuation
  • First batch of influencers & partners announcement
  • Merch store release

November - December

  • Finalize & release platform
  • Audit #2: Platform Audit
  • First HHUB NFT release
  • Introduce new merch line
  • NFT Marketplace design & development
  • HHUB mobile APP Token Tracker

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