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Hornhub will not be renouncing for three key reasons:
1) From a legal point of view, if we need to take any form of action against illegal activity (on our platform or related to) as a company, not having ownership of the contract would make this immensely difficult.
2) We want the project to be listed on major exchanges – as do all of our community. Major exchanges – such as Binance - do not accept tokens with renounced contracts.
3) Renouncing would drastically limit our scope and direction on future development and expansion of the project / company. Once a contract has been renounced it cannot be altered. This is a very dangerous and weak foundation to base a project we aim to be worth billions on.

The lead developer is already KYC’d ('Know Your Client') with auditors, however the entire core development team will indeed be fully doxxing themselves once the official launch of the Hornhub platform takes place.

The initial liquidity pool at the project stealth-launch was relatively small, around 10BNB. As the project has grown the team have steadily been injecting BNB directly into the liquidity pool to ensure stability. In addition, over the coming weeks we are excited to announce that we will be introducing staking, which will allow yield farming – producing great reflections for holders as well as further stabilising liquidity.
In addition we will be pegging to BUSD which will remove price volatility.

There is no official platform release date as beta testing will need to be performed first (which launches mid-January) and any bugs ironed out. However, the general aim is to launch roughly one month after beta testing has completed.

There is no burn wallet because burning tokens is not a true removal of them from supply. Our tokens are completely destroyed, meaning they no longer exist in any state. That way they are truly removed from supply and allow genuine deflation to improve the price floor.

This is something that the project is actively working towards right now, and further news will be shared with the community as soon as we have updates.

HornHub is very serious about giving back. This is why we will indeed have a charity aspect to our project, and we are in active talks with a very well respected charity project to partner with them and provide support for their wonderful aims.

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